About Teso Uwaibi


Teso Uwaibi is an author, writer, blogger, publisher and speaker with an undergraduate degree in politics from Manchester Metropolitan University and a Master’s degree from Russell group university, Queen Mary’s University of London.

Besides writing and self-publishing her own book ‘Her Rantings’, she has contributed to various writing projects, including the highly acclaimed “This is Us: Black British Women and Girls”–a literary anthology of over 100 stories with a powerful foreword by Marai Larasi MBE.

‘Her Rantings’ is jam-packed with honest writings that explore social and cultural issues, offers alternate perspectives through anecdotes and personal stories, and takes a long, hard look at history and traditions. It relays experiences dealing with low self-esteem and discrimination as a woman coming into her own and makes a strong case for revelling in and celebrating Black greatness.

Ms. Uwaibi has also appeared on live TV shows, podcasts, several speaking engagements, and created and hosted workshops. She has also been invited to talk about Her Rantings and offer her unique perspective on challenges faced by the community by popular universities and other institutions. She held a book reading at Russell group University, the University of Sheffield, as part of the ‘Her Rantings tour’, that was attended by students (her books instantly sold out).

She was hired to conduct a workshop on Microaggressions for Financial company Aviva for their Black History Month event, and the organisers had this to say:

“Teso did a wonderful job in helping deliver a Black History Month workshop piece aimed at demonstrating the power of language, and how it can be used as a tool to include and exclude. She brought knowledge, understanding and empathy to a sensitive piece on Microaggressions; from defining the subject matter, to breaking down the importance and impact of it. Her presentation, delivery, anecdotes and beautifully designed slides left very positive impressions with everyone in the audience.”

Teso is also a mentor for several organisations and regularly gives her time to guide young minds. Wandi, who was under Teso’s mentorship for a 6-month period said:

“Teso is a very knowledgeable and kind person who strives to motivate and empower those she meets. I had the pleasure of learning first hand from her during our 6 month long mentorship. She showed great commercial awareness and advised me about the inner workings of multiple industries. She went above and beyond her role as a mentor and offered great personal and professional advice. Her self-published book ‘Her Rantings’ was an inspirational read that mirrored her real life positive and uplifting nature. These qualities alongside her motivated and driven personality make it clear to me that whatever project she sets her sights on, she will make sure it excels!”


“managed to successfully depict the Black British Female experience and the pursuit of enlightenment as a millennial in the 21st century”.

Black Girls Book Club

“Raw, honest, vivid, provocative and inspiring, Teso opens doors of love and understanding. Experience the journey of a young Black woman in the western world of today. A deeply rewarding, soul-enriching journey into a beautiful mind- highly recommended!”

Chris Silber

This is such an amazing book that every woman should have it on her bookshelf. It’s empowering, uplifting and incredibly thought-provoking.
Ms. Teso needs to rant more often; we could all learn a thing or two new things about life and self-love as we continue on our journey to self-discovery. Definitely looking
out for the next one!”

Beverly Naya